Zucking Manipulation Fractured Flag – medium density wall hanging


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Our 59″ x 50″ wall hanging, the “Zucking Manipulation” fractured flag, documents the digital forces mobilized by the most powerful companies and wealthiest individuals in history who actively manipulate society for their personal profit.

They designed and control our attention economy and the misinformation we are fed by the few monopolistic platforms.

Their high priests are behavioral psychologists and social scientists following in the footsteps of Ely Bernays – Freud’s nephew twice over, his mother was Freud’s sister Anna, and his father was the brother of Freud’s wife Martha – who literally wrote the 1928 book titled “Propaganda,” to Joseph Goebbels who admired and applied Bernays’ work to his propaganda on Hitler’s behalf and reportedly said if you repeat something enough times it becomes the truth, “Witch Hunt,” “Witch Hunt,” “Witch Hunt,” to Harvard’s B.F. Skinner who manipulated rats in mazes, to Stanford’s BJ Fogg who systematized the science of addiction and behavioral manipulation, to Fogg’s students such as Nir Eyal who authored a guide to addicting “users” via digital devices called “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” where he explains how addictive gambling and slot machine psychology can be used to induce cravings by providing dopamine “hits” to our brains, to Dopamine Labs’ service: a system that can be implemented into any app designed to build habitual behavior.

Understanding the forces behind our digital addiction, and their motivations, is the first step to exposing and holding them accountable for their insatiable greed and harm to our democracy.

The second step is for the public to demand accountability.  Please add your voice by commenting below (be sure to register first), sharing this site, and publicly hanging our fractured flag to help educate others.

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  1. FredD on November 6, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    It boggles the mind to see that, with all this knowledge present about the workings of facebook, still so many people are addicted to the platform. Time to wake up people!

    • Surveillance Capitalism on November 7, 2019 at 5:58 am

      Hi Fred,

      That is why we wrestle with helping people to understand the forces behind these manipulations stealing our most critical individual rights and individual sovereignty.

      We believe the general public needs help comprehending and contextualizing the massive flow of critical information surging past them and into the memory hole on a minute by minute basis.

      You can help sustain our work by donating. Please use our Contact Us form if you are interested.


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